What is AirCargoGroup?

The AirCargoGroup is a global association of like-minded airfreight experts and a global association consisting of over 40 Global Partners and over 20 Associate Members.

Global Partners are 100% neutral, leading wholesalers from around the world. Global Partners are exclusive to ACG in the sense that they cannot be committed to other networks.

In markets where 100% neutral Wholesalers do not exist, AirCargoGroup has aligned with Associate Members. Associate Members are forwarding agents who act neutrally on behalf of ACG and its customers.

AirCargoGroup works with freight forwarders and logistics providers to enable them to enhance their reach, buying power, and product quality through our network. Our members and partners allow us to offer local and global freight forwarders end-to-end airfreight solutions.

We are committed to delivering value-added international airfreight services exclusively to the worldwide retail freight forwarding, shipping, logistics and transport-related industry. Through AirCargoGroup, a forwarder gets access to a global network, IT and buying power rivalled only by large multinationals.

ACG operates as a global platform and service tool for retail freight forwarders worldwide. They have access to special airfreight consolidation rates, blocked space agreements, and specialized neutral air transport handling through our network.

AirCargoGroup was established in 2008 by our founding members Shipco Airfreight and SacoGroupAir.